Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Oi gente,
This week's must go is the beautiful country of Portugal!
Portugal is full of culture and many traditions. It is located in south-western Europe, therefore it has a beautiful coastline of white sand beaches. Even though it is located in Europe, when there you will notice various African influenced characteristics due to the surprising number of Africans living there (mainly from Cape Verde, Angola, and other Portuguese speaking countries). Lets not forget soccer: they are very competitive and take it very seriously, there are many rival teams. But we all love the national team and of course the "drop dead gorgeous" players!!! Cristiano Ronaldo, may I say more?

I definitely recommend visiting, and as your there might as well go on a little European tour ;)... That's certainly my plan! Ohhh and learn Portuguese of course!

I Hope I made up your mind!