Friday, January 31, 2014

Oi Gente

 Estamos aqui para dizer que vamos fazer mas um esforco para postar em Portugues para todo mundo que nao entende o ingles. Queremos ver voces sendo parte desse jornada que estamos comecando. O nosso povo de Cabo Verde, Portugal, Brazil, angola e todos os pais que falam portugues sao muito importante para nos.
Nhos terra, nhos coracao!


Boho Chic: Vanessa Hudgens

 Hello dolls,

Can i start off by mentioning that i can not wait for spring/summer? There are so many looks I've been dying to go back to and so many new trends i can't wait to try.

One look that i really love is Boho Chic. Mixing vintage pieces with you trends, patterns, fabrics, loose and tight. And we cannot forget the accessories: the sunglasses, hats, jewelry, bags, etc. I adore this style. It is the perfect style for when the weather starts getting warmer.

One person who has always done it so well is Vanessa Hudgens. Love her unique style.


Product Recommendation: Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub

Bom Dia My loves,

Wanted to talk to you ladies about this foaming scrub. Us women tend to have various skin problems whether its acne, blackheads, sensitive skin, redness, really oily skin to really dry skin, or just never having a moisture balance. Well, i'm here to recommend this face wash. I actually purchased this a month ago and have been trying it... I'm loving it. 

It's oil free so it will not leave your skin oily but it won't leave it dry also. This product is super smooth as you apply it and you dont need too you much since its a foaming scrub! We also have problems wiping/washing makeup off and this is perfect, no need to re-apply to get the results you need, it literally leaves your face 100% makeup free which is something i always have a problem with.

It last a long time and smells divine!

Can be found at your local Walgreens...well basically anywhere you get your beauty products! :)


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stony- Danca Kizomba

" Danca Kizomba"

This is for all my Kizomba Lovers Out There. Enjoy!

Must Go: Paris, France

Hello my hopeless romantics,
If you're just like me one of the places you need to go is Paris. It has been said everyone needs to at least once in their life. Well, France is a beautiful country, with something for everyone. But today we are talking about Paris.
Looking to go on a honeymoon? Then buy the ticket, it will be a trip to remember! Paris is a city full of art, fashion, food, wine, and overall culture. It will be a time you an your partner can just enjoy and be loving to each other.
It is safe to say its on everyone's list.

Haircuts We Love

Hey darlings,

Need a change in your appearance? Why not get an edgy, fun, girly hair cut? I know going from long to short hair is difficult (I just went through it) but its always nice to take a risk. Hair is something that grows back and today there are extentions if you want to change it back for a period of time, so why not take the risk?

If your hair has a lot of split ends, breakage and color damage which was my problen I recommend cutting. Your hair cut doesnt need to be super shor. 

In my case I cut my hair below my shoulders, then I decided to do a bold shoulder lenght cut and now I'm thinking about cutting another inch or two again.

Bellow are a few ladies who are killing it right now!!!!

Take the risk and work it,


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Recipe: Healthy Lunch Idea

Chicken Wraps
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Serving Size: 1
  • 1 Tortilla
  • 1 tbsp Houmous
  • 1 Cooked Chicken Breast Sliced
  • 1/4 Avacodo
  • 3 Cherry Tomatoes
  •  Grated Cheddar Cheese
Cooking Directions
  1. Put a wrap on a board or plate. Spread the houmous onto the middle of it using a spoon or butter knife.
  2. Tear up the chicken and put it in a line down the middle of the wrap.
  3. Chop the avocado with a butter knife and put it next to the chicken.
  4. Squish the tomatoes onto the wrap by squeezing them and tearing them in half.
  5. Sprinkle on some cheese.
  6. Roll up the wrap and press it down firmly.

Health:30 Day Challenge!

30 day Abs Challenge
Alright Ladies How Many Of You Guys Went Into This New Year, Trying To Workout & Get That Killer Bod? *Raises Hand* .. Well. Here's A Challenge I Recently Found && I Want To Try It Out.! Hopefully This Helps You Guys Out As well! Feel Free To Let Us Know Whether or Not It Work For You Guys !
                                                    Boa Noite/Good Night!

P-Square - Personally

This Group Is From Nigeria
This Song Is So Funky & Catchy We Cant Get Enough!

The Hottie Of The Week: "CR7"

Cristiano Ronaldo!

This is not only the hottie of the week,but hes the hottie of the month, year and forever!
This Portuguese soccer player, plays for Real Madrid and is making headlines everywhere. He also plays for Portugal's National Team.On top of being a soccer player, he is also a business man. He has his own line of underwear out called "CR7". All I Can Say About This Eye Candy Is .... Marry Me? Ha!

Oversized Scarves

This winter has been incredibly cold, hitting even the negatives here in New York therefore we all needed to keep warm and layer! Scarves have been such an important essential to our outfits this winter. I have been loving the oversized scarves trend, they are fashionable, comfortable, and super warm. They can change the look of an outfit, or just add something extra.

But as much as much as I'm loving the winter trends I can not wait for the summer. Sorry we're island girls!

Stay warm and safe out there loves!


Red Lips

Good Morning my loves,
Lets talk about red lips, one of my favorite things! What can I say, well a perfect red lip can go so far, first of all a red lip must be perfect, really shaping your lips. I would recommend doing a lip scrub, moisturizing and if your lip color has different tones to do a lip primer or just use a little of concealer.
Lips need to be moisturized because you don't want it to look dry with the red lipstick on (not cute). There are also so many shades of reds you can play with as the orange reds, deep reds, wine reds. Its all about having fun and being daring! I definitely do this look when I'm feeling myselfff!! Lol
Please watch the video bellow, I'm sure it will be helpful to you!
And ladies have a great day, confidence is the way to success!

Amor a Vida: O Vilão?

Amor a Vida esta chegando ao final, e gente que historia!! Cada dia tem uma coisa de outro mundo acontecendo. Mas temos que falar do Felix (Mateus Solano), o cara que fez tanta maldade se redemindo no final da trama foi tão inesperado.

O felix sempre sofreu por causa da rejeição do pai, pela morte do irmao na infancia, e pela chegada de uma irma, a Paloma (Paola Oliveira). O Cezar (o pai) sempre amou mais a Paloma, e o fato do Felix ser gay no armario so aumentou o desprezo do pai. Toda essa rejeição comecou um odio/inveja da irma.

Em fim, o felix abandonou a filha resem nascida da irma numa caçamba de lixo, a bebe nao foi encontrada pela mae por 10 anos, e depois ele mandou sequestrar a menina para o Peru. Mas ele fez muita gente sofrer, especialmente a irma que foi uma innocente.

No principio todo mundo pensava que ele era o maior vilão da historia, mas não! Ele comeca a se redemir quando dà com a cara no chao e se arrepende de verdade, ate reconquistar a familia e encontrar o seu proprio amor!
Eu acho que ele conquistou o publico com tudo o que ele passou e comecamos a entender porque ele faz o que faz. Ate me encontrei torcendo pela felicidade dele quando no principio eu ODIAVAAA TANTOOO!!!

O final e esta semena entao fiquem ligados na Rede Globo. Para ver e saber tudo sobre a novela Amor a Vida entra no link: Rede Globo: Amor a Vida

                                  - H&L

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Statement Necklaces!!!!

Hey Love bugs,
Tell me how many times you have plans of going somewhere but feel like you have nothing to wear, feeling that you look too simple, or feeling like you're leaving something behind when you are heading to the door? 
Well my darlings, for the longest time necklaces have become such a huge part of my wardrobe.

You can have a simple outfit on but if you add a statement necklace it will bring the look to life. It is perfect if you are daring with colors and want to color block which i love, or if you're a black everythaanggg type girl and just want to spice it up a bit. So stop buying something to wear every time you have somewhere to go and start thinking of ways to change the overall look of a certain outfit. 

Bring your own culture, fun into your pieces, accessories can make an outfit. Fashion is all about fun and putting your personality into your look so just have fun with it and add something extra to the clothes in the back of your closet.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Haim- Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow Cover) Ft. Lorde


Haim- The Wire


Three Sisters.from California with an Edgy Type of Style & Sound.
They're Definitely Not Your Typical Rock Band. 
I love Them! 
Check Them Out.!

Must Go:The Islands Of Cape Verde (Ilha do Cabo Verde)

The Islands of Cape Verde!

Well.. Well ..Well. What Can I Say About This Beautiful Place.
To Start Off, It Consists Of Ten Islands. (S.Antao,S.Vicente,Praia,S.Nicolau,Maio,Brava,Fogo,Sal,Boavista,Santiago) The Language That Is Spoken There Is Criolo (Mother language) & Portuguese as the Official Language.Each Island Is Completely Different From The Next. Some Have Volcanoes,Others White Sand Beaches, And Others Dark Black Sand. It All Depends On Your Idea Of A Great Time. If Your Into More Of The Resort Type Of Vacation Sal, Would Be A Perfect Match For You. If Your More Into The Party Life, You Have Sao Vicente & Praia & Sal As well. If.If Your More Into Nature & Hiking Santo Antao Is The Island For You!! The List Can Go On. But I'd Prefer You Guy Took A look For Yourselves. 
Here a Link ! :

Em Familia 2014 (Novela)

Oi Gente ! 
queria deixar vocês saber que comecando dia 3 de fevereiro vai ter uma nova novela ,chamada de "Em familia", O show terá um monte de drama, triângulos amorosos, e um evento vai mudar as vidas de todos.
Você vai ver muitos rostos familiares por exemplo. Bruna Marquezine e Giovanna Antonelli.Vou deixar um link aqui em baixo pra voces, assim podem assistir a visualização, e se você gosta você pode assistir com a gente !

10 Things- Relationship Survival

Today it seems people don't understand what a relationship requires. People go in and out of relationship like they're just going through a playlist. Well here is what a relationship needs n order to work:
 1- Loyalty
2- Trust
4- Love
5- Respect
6- Great Sex
7- Passion
8- Compassion
9- Attention
10- Adventure

Relationships are not easy and a lot of people have different views of what its supposed to be like, but i believe everyone wants a partner that is respectful of one's beliefs, religion, culture, etc. If there is no communication in a relationship there is going to be conflict and unresolved problems. Your significant other needs to feel loved and appreciated, so tell her/him how much they mean to you, they need to know how much of an important role they play in your life. Trust your partner and don't put yourself in a position where they have to question if they can trust you (No trust= no relationship). 

Another thing, BE ADVENTUROUS! No one likes a boring relationship, surprise each other/do things you wouldn't normally do. It doesn't have to be something big, sometimes the smallest things are the ones that win the heart. Also understand each others feelings, being compassionate is an excellent way to show your character. 

keeping your relationship private is good way to go, but remember a little public display of affection never killed anyone. And lastly love yourself and BE HAPPY!

Oversized Sweaters

Good morning dolls,

Today we are talking about our love for oversized sweaters! I absolutly have been in love with look this past fall and winter, its a great look for school, work, or just hanging out! You can dress it down and up, with a skirt, jeans, leggings, etc.

With the right aaccessories and makeup/or a clean face you can still look fabolous! I love pairing this look with sunglasses, pair of really cute booties, and a statement jewelry piece. 

Hope you enjoy,


Hey Everyone!/Ola Pessoal!
Este Parte Da Pagina Vai Ser Escrito Em Portugues/Criolo, No Caso Se Tem Pessoas Que Estao Fora Do Pais. (Cabo Verde,Portugal,Holanda,Franca,etc.) nós também vamos estar postando coisas sobre a lusofonia cultura, incluindo música, comida e tudo o mais que podemos encontrar.
se vocês tem alguma sugestão estamos abertos a ouvi-los!

Must Go: Brazil

Oi gente/ Hi everyone
A most go location this week is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I adore this place, its people, music, food, and overall culture. This a beautiful place if you're looking for a beautiful tropical place that can be relaxing, but also have a great day and night life. Who doesn't want to lay on a beautiful Brazilian beach with an "agua de coco"(coconut water), listening to samba, pagoda, and funk carioca. Brazil is a beautiful country with many different states that I would recommend people to visit but to start off Rio de Janeiro is the perfect location.
Definitely a top one in my list!

Miracle Worker

Ladies ladies you need to purchase this!!!!
I've been hearing about this particular mascara for a few months now from top youtubers who do makeup tutorials and lately my coworker had been coming to work with her eyelashes looking so voluminous and long I had to ask her what mascara she was using and ta-raaaa lol.
So I went ahead and made the purchase, and let me tell you I'm in love, best mascara I have ever used. If you are not a fake lashes type girl this is the best option! It elongates and gives volume to your lashes, the brush is just a MIRACLE WORKER! The more coats the more voluminous!
After one Coat
Its one of the best purchases I've made in the past 2 months, you can find it at any drug store in your area and its under 10 dollars. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Our Grammy 2014 Best Dressed


Good Morning dolls,
Last night was a night full of fashion and beautiful women since it was the Grammys! These ladies looked simply beautiful and may I say they were all glowing.
From the left Katy Perry wore a Valentino white gown with music notes, Ciara who is expecting went with Emilio Pucci, Taylor Swift with an amazing Gucci dress that has everyone talking, Chrissy Teigen with a gold sequin/ strapless Johanna Johnson dress with a sexy "V" cutout (may I mention John Legend's performance last night was amazing and he's to die for)  , and we have Miranda Lambert who chose a Pamella Roland red dress showing off her slimmer figure. 

 Rita Ora wore an simple yet beautiful dress from the Lanvin Spring 2014 collection, her hair and makeup are flawless while Colbie Caillat definitely surprised me the most, she looked absolutely stunning in this red gown by Ezra Santos, the back of this dress was to die for also. But these are our best dressed of the night.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Trends We Love : LEATHER AND FUR

Ladies, ladies, ladies who does not love this trend? Leather pants with a fur vest or coat has become super popular amoung everyday fashionistas and many celebrities. This look is chic but is still sexy, has attitude and a touch of a rebel. Definitely one of my favorites this season! With the right accessories and makeup you are bound to make heads turn.      

Its a look you can pair with a nice pair of flats, boots, and heels depending on your destination. This combination will also boost your confidence but remember wear the clothes, dont let the clothes wear you!        
.                                                                                                                              XO

Beyonce - Xo

Is Anyone In Love? Well If Your Looking For A Song To Dedicate ,This Song.. Would Be A Really Awesome Choice. Its a Must See Video!
Beyonces - Xo

Music Soon To Come...

Good Afternoon World!
   We want to share with you guys a variety of music from a couple of different countries that you guys are probably not familiar with. There might be a couple of you guys who are familar, but for the rest its just for your enjoyment! We'll be including all types of genres for ex. Hip-hop;Alternative;Kizomba;Afro-House,House etc. If Anyone Has Any Suggestions On Music, We're All Ears!                                                               Xo
                    - H&L                    

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hello darlings,

Welcome to our blog All Things Kriola. We are here to show you the world through our eyes, things we love, inspire, and other things we want to do in the future. Hopefully you enjoy our posts, and we inspire you. Our posts will be nothing but positivity and good vibes, but hopefully some will make you think a little more. Our purpose is to incorporate things we love from the United States, Cabo Verde, Portugal, Brazil, Angola, etc.